Company News in Brief

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Chrysalis made pounds 32,000 ( pounds 104,000) pre-tax profit in 26 weeks to 28 February. Eps 1.35p (0.2p).

Year to 31 March

Field Group increased pre-tax profits to pounds 13.7m ( pounds 11.9m). Eps 17.9p (14.1p). Total dividend is 7.05p (6.4p).

Osborne & Little made pounds 2.6m pre-tax profit (loss pounds 98,000). Eps 26.44p (8.9p). Total dividend 6.5p.

Proteus International deepened taxable losses to pounds 6.6m ( pounds 3.5m). Lps 24.36p (13.52p). No dividend.

Martin Shelton almost doubled pre-tax profits to pounds 796,000 ( pounds 407,000). Dividend 2.5p (1.5p).

Oxford Instruments advanced to pounds 12.8m ( pounds 10.6m) pre-tax profit on sales up to pounds 112m ( pounds 10.1m). Eps 17p (15p). Total dividend 4.9p (4.5p).

Scapa Group achieved pounds 48.5m ( pounds 47m) pre-tax profit. Eps 13.5p (13.8p). Total dividend 5.88p.

600 Group incurred pounds 2.5m ( pounds 2.4m) taxable loss. Lps 6.5p (5.9p). Total dividend 1.5p (2p).

Six months to 31 March

Premier Land rose to pounds 146,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 719,000). Eps 0.08p (Lps 0.85p).

Widney made pounds 638,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 417,000). Eps 0.41p (Lps 0.91p). No dividend.