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Year to 31 March

Amberley Group achieved pounds 403,000 pre-tax profits (loss pounds 91,000). EPS 1.94p (1.71p). Total dividend held at 1p.

Applied Holographics reduced taxable losses from pounds 2.3m to pounds 276,000 on improved sales of pounds 5.8m ( pounds 4.95m). LPS 1.3p (11.2p). No dividend.

BSS Group, the heating, plumbing and process equipment distributor, increased pre-tax profits 51 per cent to pounds 9.9m ( pounds 6.5m) on turnover of pounds 258m ( pounds 243.7m). EPS 24p (16.7p). Total dividend is 17.75p (17.25p).

East Surrey Holdings reported higher pre-tax profits of pounds 8.3m ( pounds 5.75m). EPS 56.4p (38.8p). Total dividend is 12.38p (11.46p).

Oceana Consolidated boosted pre-tax profits to pounds 3m ( pounds 837,000). EPS 25.88p (10.10p). Total dividend is 2.5p (1.5p).

Symonds Engineering reduced taxable losses to pounds 293,000 ( pounds 611,000). LPS 2.9p (4.6p). Dividend is 0.25p (0.15p).

Volex enhanced pre-tax profits to pounds 10.3m ( pounds 7.3m). EPS 23.6p (21.7p). Total dividend is 18.1p (17.58p).

Wrexham & East Denbighshire Water made pounds 3.6m ( pounds 2.6m) pre-tax profits. EPS 490p (399p). Total dividend is 185p.

Wellman incurred pounds 1.1m taxable loss (profits pounds 681,000). LPS 3.6p (EPS 1p). Total dividend is held at 0.9p.

Whitecroft re-established pre-tax profits at pounds 4.3m (loss pounds 41.8m). EPS 8.8p (LPS 94.5p). Total dividend is 2p.

Six months to 31 March

Berisford plunged to pounds 5.8m taxable loss (profits pounds 400,000). LPS 4.4p (0.2p). No dividend.

Eurocopy's pre-tax profits climbed to pounds 1.6m ( pounds 1.2m). EPS 2.27p (1.68p). Interim dividend is 0.6p (0.5p).

Hawtin rose to pounds 824,000 ( pounds 783,000) pre-tax profits. EPS 0.78p (0.75p). Interim dividend is 0.275p (0.25p).

Neotronics Technology fell to pounds 509,000 ( pounds 956,000) pre-tax profits. EPS 1.38p (2.28p). Interim dividend is held at 1.85p.

Slimma, maker of women's clothing, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 535,000 ( pounds 482,000). EPS 4.1p (3.9p). Dividend is 1.3p.

Sheriff Holdings more than doubled pre-tax profits to pounds 1.2m ( pounds 465,000). A 52 per cent rise in turnover to pounds 8.7m included the acquisition of Alphabet Event Hire in April. EPS 7.4p (3.5p). Dividend is 1.75p (1.25p).