Company News in Brief

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Six months to 31 March

Alvis maintained pre-tax profits at pounds 2.2m ( pounds 2.2m). Lps 0.5p (eps 0.1p). Dividend is held at 0.5p.

Bradstock lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 4.8m ( pounds 4.6m). Eps 5.35p (5.32p). Dividend is 1.6p (1.55p).

Denmans Electrical rose to pounds 1.4m ( pounds 1.1m) pre-tax profit. Eps 21.48p (16.53p). Dividend 2.1p (1.9p).

RCO Holdings eased to pounds 2.3m ( pounds 2.4m) pre-tax profit. Eps 13.95p (14.71p). Dividend held at 4.95p.

Year to 31 March

Chloride Group recovered to pounds 1.2m pre-tax profit (loss pounds 1.6m). Lps 0.5p (2p). No dividend.

Hardy Oil & Gas grew to pounds 5.2m ( pounds 3.3m) pre-tax profit. Eps 7.8p (10.9p). Total dividend 1p.

London Merchant Securities made pounds 22.3m ( pounds 27.8m) pre-tax profit. Total dividend 4.2p (4p).

Porter Chadburn incurred pounds 17.2m ( pounds 3.6m) taxable loss. Lps 17.48p (4.82p). No dividend.

Ugland deepened taxable losses to pounds 1.2m ( pounds 591,000). Lps 11p (10.7p). Total dividend 0.74p.

Correction: London Scottish Bank rose to pounds 2.7m ( pounds 2m) profit in six months to 30 April and not pounds 2.1m as stated yesterday.