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Hardys & Hansons, the beer brewer and wholesaler, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 3.7m (pounds 3.2m) in the six months to 31 March. Turnover edged up to pounds 15.6m (pounds 15.3m). Eps 9.827p (8.975p). Interim dividend is 3.4p (3p).

Year to 31 March

Allen, the builder, more than doubled pre-tax profits from pounds 1.5m to pounds 3.1m. Eps 8.67p (5.05p). A final dividend of 3.6p increases the total to 5.25p (5p).

Amber Industrial Holdings, the chemicals maker and supplier, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 4.1m (pounds 3.1m). Eps 67p (43.7p). Final dividend is 14p, making 20p (18.5p).

Wagon Industrial, the engineering and automotive products group, announced lower pre-tax profits of pounds 15.6m (pounds 18.1m). Eps 19.58p (29p). Final dividend is 11.5p, making 17.825p (17.308p).

West Trust, the textiles and food maker, incurred pounds 1.4m taxable loss (profit pounds 129,000). Lps 5.3p (Eps 0.2p). The total dividend is maintained at 2.5p.

Year to 30 April

Dartmoor Investment Trust is to pay a 3.9p final, making a total payout of 11.6p (same). Net asset value per share 118.45p (79.33p).

King & Shaxson Holdings, the banker, discount house and broker, declined to pounds 2.6m (pounds 3.15m) pre-tax profits. Eps 9.8p (11p). Final dividend is 5p, making a total unchanged at 9p.