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Year ended 31 December

Select Appointments, the recruitment consultant that plans to expand through acquisition and franchising, announced a sharp cut in pre-tax losses from pounds 2.5m to pounds 642,000, following a 61 per cent increase in turnover to pounds 34.9m ( pounds 21.7m). An extraordinary gain of pounds 2.5m resulted in a net profit of pounds 1.8m and helped earnings per share recover to 0.83p (loss 1.06p). No dividend.

Metal Bulletin, the publisher, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 2.5m ( pounds 1.85m). Sales rose to pounds 15.3m ( pounds 12.7m). Earnings per share 17.2p (13.2p). Total dividend 10p (8p).

Microvitec, the electronic products maker, achieved pounds 1.6m pre-tax profit (loss pounds 2.1m), despite a fall in turnover to pounds 35.2m ( pounds 49.9m). Earnings per share recovered 2.1p (LPS 3.4p). No dividend.

Strong & Fisher, leather clothing maker, disclosed higher pre-tax profits of pounds 3.8m ( pounds 2.6m) on sales of pounds 89.9m ( pounds 84.1m). Earnings per share improved to 1.7p (1.32p). Total dividend held at 1p.


British Bio-technology increased taxable losses from pounds 8m to pounds 13.5m over the nine months to 31 January, hit by a drop in turnover from pounds 5.7m to pounds 3.5m. Loss per share worsened from 23.6p to 37.4p. No dividend.

Jessups, the motor trader, incurred pounds 599,000 taxable loss for the 16 months to 31 December compared with pounds 506,000 profit for the previous 12 months. Loss per share is 11.68p (EPS 1.05p). No dividend.