Company News in Brief

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Year to 31 December

Graseby, the electronics company, lifted taxable profits to pounds 9.6m ( pounds 1m). Last year's figures were depressed by losses and goodwill adjustments on disposals. The final dividend was cut to 3.3p, reducing the total payout by 39 per cent to 6.6p. Shares fell 5p to 181p.

Broadcastle made pre-tax profits of pounds 507,000 ( pounds 276,000), with a final dividend of 0.7p, making 1p for the year (nil).

Hall Engineering made pre-tax profits of pounds 8.56m ( pounds 2.35m), but its European markets are still depressed. The final dividend of 3.02p makes 9.5p for the year (8.64p). Earnings were 19.18p (3.05p).

Half-year to 30 November

Pre-tax profits at Everest Foods slipped to pounds 1.2m ( pounds 1.1m) despite turnover rising by almost pounds 3m to pounds 19m. The interim dividend is held at 1.2p.

Paterson Zochonis, the soaps and drugs company with extensive overseas interests, saw taxable profits rise to pounds 13.6m ( pounds 11.8m). The interim dividend is 2.45p (2.35p).

Half-year to 31 December

A 22 per cent rise in interim pre-tax profits to pounds 1.13m at Castle Communications came on the back of a strong rise in licensing income and video product sales. Turnover was pounds 18.8m ( pounds 17m), and the dividend was 4.5p (4p).

Scholes Group's first-half taxable profits of pounds 2.4m ( pounds 1.3m) came from lower costs and operating efficiencies rather than higher volumes.