Company News in Brief

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Year ended 31 December

Telspec, the telecommunications equipment manufacturer, announced pre-tax profits of pounds 3.4m.

British Mohair Holdings announced pre-tax profits of pounds 1.47m ( pounds 2.1m). EPS fell to 7.39p (10.80p). A final dividend of 7.1p makes 8.5p (same).

Chieftain slumped to pounds 372,000 loss ( pounds 613,000 profit). LPS 3.3p (EPS 4.63p). Final dividend of 2p makes 3.5p (5.1p).

JN Nichols made taxable profits of pounds 5.9m ( pounds 5.6m). EPS were 14.98p (14.16p), and the dividend was 5.76p (5.44p).

Lambert Howarth's pre-tax profit was pounds 1.42m ( pounds 2.98m). EPS 24.9p (39.2p). Final dividend of 9.25p for 13.75p (13p).

Spandex announced pre-tax profits of pounds 5.45m ( pounds 4.45m). EPS 32p (22.5p). A final dividend of 4.9p makes 7p (6.5p).

WSP made pounds 262,000 ( pounds 560,000). EPS 1.9p (3.8p). Payout of 0.9p makes 1.8p (2p).

Wescol Group made a pounds 30,000 profit ( pounds 13,000) in the half year to 31 January. EPS flat at 0.1p.

Specialeyes reduced pre-tax losses to pounds 481,000 in the year to 29 November ( pounds 2.27m for 78 weeks). LPS 3.11p (14.16p).

Merivale Moore made pounds 238,000 profits ( pounds 2.6m loss) for six months. EPS 0.65p (LPS 17.83p). No dividend.