Company News in Brief

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Graystone achieved pounds 1.1m profit against pounds 56,000 loss in six months to 31 December. EPS 0.6p (LPS 0.38p). Dividend 0.1p.

Year ended 31 December

Bemrose Corporation increased profits to pounds 10.8m (pounds 6.3m) on pounds 89m (pounds 49m) turnover. EPS 27.94p (22.81p). Dividend 11.75p (10.2p).

EBC Group recovered to pounds 931,000 profit. EPS 4.85p (LPS 19.35p). Dividend held at 4p.

Global Group announced profits of pounds 1.9m (pounds 1.4m). EPS 1.1p (0.83p). Dividend 0.5p.

Headlam profits were pounds 3.65m (pounds 1.1m). EPS 8p (3.6p). Dividend 3.2p (2.6p).

Isle of Man Steam Packet lifted profits to pounds 3.5m (pounds 3.3m). EPS 20.6p (19.5p). Dividend 11p (10p).

Nestor-BNA surged to pounds 4.5m (pounds 1.7m) profit. EPS 4.46p (0.91p). Dividend 3.15p.

Roxboro jumped to pounds 6.4m (pounds 3.9m)profit. EPS 14.5p (9p). No dividend.

Scholl edged to pounds 16.7m (pounds 16.1m) profit. EPS are pounds 12.7m (pounds 12.1m). Dividend 6.4p (6.3p).

Sharpe & Fisher increased profits to pounds 2.35m (pounds 1.45m). EPS 9.2p (7.8p). Dividend 4.2p (4p).

Sherwood Group reported profits of pounds 18.5m (pounds 16.9m). EPS 10.7p (10.6p). Dividend 2.9p (2.6p).