Company News in Brief

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Greenway made pounds 2.8m pre-tax profit in 15 months to 31 March. Final dividend 1.5p.

Regent Corporation made pounds 5.15m pre-tax profit (loss pounds 3.9m) for the year to 31 March. No dividend.

Titon Holdings eased to pounds 1.01m ( pounds 1.05m) pre-tax profit in 26 weeks to 31 March. Dividend 1.4p (1.3p).

Radamec made pounds 710,000 ( pounds 832,000) pre-tax profit for year to December. Total dividend 1.7p (1.5p).

Year to 31 January

BMSS recorded pounds 314,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 95,500). Total dividend held at 3p.

Forward Group boosted pre-tax profit to pounds 2m ( pounds 1.2m). Total dividend 5p (3.3p).