Company News in Brief

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Sedgwick Group, the insurance broker and financial services supplier which bought Noble Lowndes in the fourth quarter of last year, has revealed pounds 43.6m ( pounds 41.6m) pre- tax profit for the three months to 31 March.

Seafield more than doubled taxable loses to pounds 24.2m ( pounds 11.1m), hit by a pounds 22.5m tional charge for the year ended 31 December. Loss per share 35.4p (15.4p).

Six months to 31 March

Anglo Irish Bankcorp showed a significant boost in trading profits by the return to profitability of its London- based operations to Ir pounds 6.15m (Ir pounds 4.3m). EPS 2.6p (2.4p). Dividend Ir1.36p.

Abacus Group, distributor of electronic components and maker of bespoke cable looms and harnesses, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 2m ( pounds 1.2m). Turnover rose to pounds 18.2m ( pounds 14.1m). EPS 4.6p (2.9p). Dividend 1.12p (1.17p).

Sanderson Electronics, the computer supplier and maintenance group, advanced pre-tax profits from pounds 1.8m to pounds 2.2m. Turnover grew to pounds 14.2m ( pounds 12m). Earnings per share 15.9p (14.2p). The second interim dividend is 6p, making 11.4p.

Year to 31 March

Hartlepools Water Company increased pre-tax profits from pounds 1.2m to pounds 1.5m. Turnover edged up to pounds 5.5m ( pounds 5.3m). EPS 143p (126p). Total dividend 60p (55p).

James Smith Estates lifted pre-tax profts to pounds 1.6m ( pounds 1.45m) despite a slight dip in turnover to pounds 2.35m ( pounds 2.4m). EPS 6.8p (6.3p). Total dividend 4.65p (4.2p).