Company News in Brief

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Year ended 31 December

Chillington Corporation returned pounds 217,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 482,000). Total dividend is 1.5p.

AAF Industries plunged to pounds 33.7m taxable loss (profit pounds 4.8m).

Jackson Group achieved pounds 924,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 1.2m). Total dividend is 1.8p (1.5p).

Year to 31 January

Fine Decor lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 3m ( pounds 2.1m). Dividend 4.7p.

Year to 28 February

Airflow Streamlines fell to pounds 1m ( pounds 1.5m) pre-tax. Total dividend 3p.

Ferguson International rose to pounds 11.7m ( pounds 9.7m) pre-tax profit. Total dividend held at 12.5p.

Westbury climbed to pounds 8.3m pre- tax profit (loss pounds 2.2m). EPS 9p (LPS 0.3p). Total dividend is 5.25p (5p).

Year to 31 March

Fine Art Developments rose to pounds 38.1m ( pounds 33.85m) pre-tax profit. Total dividend 14.3p (12.75p).

York Waterworks improved pre- tax profits to pounds 2.6m ( pounds 2.3m). Total dividend is 10p (9.25p).

Six months to 31 March

Goldsborough Healthcare pre- tax profits rose to pounds 1.9m ( pounds 965,000). EPS 6.4p (2.9p).

SEP Industrial Holdings surged to pounds 2m ( pounds 883,000) pre-tax profit. Dividend is 0.45p (0.35p).