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Premier Health Group, the international healthcare services promoter and provider, has announced a substantial reduction in taxable losses from pounds 9.4m to pounds 2.9m for the year ended 31 December. Turnover fell from pounds 17.1m to pounds 12.6m. The loss for the year included exceptional charges of pounds 640,000 arising from the sale of IMC Europe and pounds 486,000 from refinancing and restructuring costs. Prior to refinancing the group had borrowings of pounds 12.6m. Short and long-term borrowings stand at pounds 613,000 and pounds 2.9m respectively. Loss per share was cut from 3.2p to 1p. No dividend.

Foreign & Colonial German IT maintained the dividend payout at 0.5p for the year ended 31 December. Pre-tax revenue fell from pounds 503,000 to pounds 390,000, as did earnings per share from 0.82p to 0.56p. Net asset value per share grew to 150.9p (121.5p).