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Power Corp reported a full-year pre-tax loss of Ir pounds 13.4m (loss Ir pounds 104.7m). Loss per share 11.53p (lps 88.43p). No dividend.

Interim results

Doeflex made pounds 950,000 before tax ( pounds 725,000). Earnings per share are 6.28p (5.22p). Interim dividend unchanged at 1.66p.

Bisichi Mining turned in pounds 193,000 ( pounds 102,000) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share are 1.7p (0.74p). No interim dividend.

QS Holdings reported pre-tax profits of pounds 2.11m ( pounds 1.68m). Earnings per share 3.43p (2.79p). Interim dividend stays at 1.56p.

CI Group reported profit before tax of pounds 337,000 ( pounds 905,000). Earnings per share 0.26p (0.69p). Interim dividend 0.2p (0.4p).

Chiroscience Group, the pharmaceutical company, saw losses increase to pounds 3.8m (loss pounds 1.3m). Loss per share was 5.5p (lps 4.7p)

Denistron International made pounds 365,000 pre-tax profits ( pounds 251,000). Earnings per share are 1.13p (1.12p). Interim dividend held at 0.5p.

Bilton announced pre-tax profits of pounds 9m ( pounds 8.9m). Earnings per share are steady at 7.1p. Interim dividend is 2.89p (2.84p).

Porth Group's pre-tax loss was pounds 2.08m (loss pounds 1.89m). Loss per share is 10.8p (lps 9.8p).

Associated British Foods said it has acquired the assets of Karlshamns USA Inc, formerly a wholly-owned subsidiary of Karlshamns AB in Sweden, for an undisclosed sum.