Company News in Brief

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Raine announced full-year pre-tax profits of pounds 13.1m (10.8m). Earnings per share were 4.66p (4.34p). Dividend is 2.0p (1.0p).

Shepherd Neame reported a full- year pre-tax profit of pounds 5.1m ( pounds 4.7m). EPS 60.2p (54.4p). Dividend 19p (17.5p).

Silentnight announced half-year pre-tax profits of pounds 4.1m ( pounds 5.2m). EPS 5.84p (7.41p). Dividend 2.75p (2.75p).

Watts Blake Bearne announced first-half pre-tax profits of pounds 5.13m ( pounds 4.14m). EPS 16p (14.5p). Dividend 3.9 (3.5).

Asda Property Holdings reported a half-year pre-tax profit of pounds 4.4m ( pounds 2.5m). EPS 3.4p (2.5p). Dividend 0.75p (0.7p).

Johnson Group made a half-year profit of pounds 2.41m ( pounds 395,000). EPS 12.9p (4.62p). Dividend 3.5p (1p).

Cannon Street Investments made first-half pre-tax profit of pounds 217,000 ( pounds 4.83m). Loss per share 1.41p (3.01p). No interim dividend.

Computer People said it was buying VNG Group for pounds 7m in shares and cash.

Regal Hotels Group announced its eighth acquisition of the year with the purchase of Parkside Inn, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, for pounds 1.75m cash.

Lamont Holdings reported a pre- tax profit of pounds 5.62m ( pounds 4.05m). EPS 12.5p (10.6p). Dividend 3.65p (3.5p).

Pearson has completed the pounds 260m sale of its holding in Camco International.