Company News in Brief

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Chepstow Racecourse, the racecourse owner, announced a 31 per cent fall in pre-tax profits from pounds 141,000 to pounds 97,000 for the six months to 30 June.

The results were hurt by the cancellation of four race days due to bad weather. Two of these occurred on Easter Monday and Tuesday when, under normal circumstances, significant attendances would be expected. This was reflected in a drop in turnover from pounds 929,000 to pounds 810,000.

The company warned it was unlikely that the loss of those days would be made up over the remainder of the year. It added, however, that race day attendances since Easter had been in line with those of the previous year. Earnings per share slipped to 19p (24p). No dividend.

Henderson Highland Trust maintained the dividend at 2.8p for the six months to 31 August. Taxable revenue fell to pounds 929,000 ( pounds 1.05m). Net asset value per share stood at 121.2p.