Company News in Brief

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Half-year to 30 June

BNB Resources, provider of training and regional communications services, reported a sharp increase in pre-tax profits from pounds 344,000 to pounds 1.4m. Turnover grew to pounds 42.2m ( pounds 31.7m). Earnings per share improved to 4.2p (1.1p). Dividend is 1.77p (1.6p).

Capital & Regional Properties boosted pre-tax profits from pounds 151,000 to pounds 1.2m. Earnings per share jumped to 2.85p (0.2p). Dividend is 0.6p (0.5p).

Ipeco Holdings, maker of specialist products for the aviation and defence industries, revealed lower pre-tax profits of pounds 1.2m ( pounds 1.5m) on turnover down from pounds 10.5m to pounds 9.5m. Earnings per share slipped to 2.94p (3.8p). The dividend is held at 1.3p.

REA Holdings, the agricultural and storage group, achieved pre- tax profits of pounds 592,000 ( pounds 354,000). Turnover rose to pounds 43m ( pounds 40.9m). Earnings per share are 4.6p (1.2p). No dividend.

Six months to 31 July

Fine Decor, printed wallcoverings maker, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 1.4m ( pounds 1.3m) on lower turnover of pounds 18.8m ( pounds 19.1m). Earnings per share slipped to 7.3p (8.1p). Dividend rose to 2.7p (1p).

Time Products, the watches and jewellery distributor, saw pre-tax profits fall to pounds 4.7m ( pounds 5.3m). Earnings per share are 5.85p (6.67p). The dividend edged up to 3.25p (3p).