Company News in Brief

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Equifax, the credit information gatherer, has received 31 per cent acceptances for its pounds 51m bid for UAPT-Infolink. The 650p-a-share offer was cleared by the Office of Fair Trading last week.

Armour Trust rose to pounds 1.8m ( pounds 1.6m) pre-tax profit for the year to April. EPS 4.9p (4.2p). Total dividend is 1.8p (1.636p).

James Beattie reported pre-tax profits of pounds 1.3m ( pounds 1.2m) for the six months to July. EPS 1.8p (1.73p). Dividend is held at 1.5p.

Headway produced higher pre-tax profits of pounds 323,000 ( pounds 272,000) for the year to June. EPS 1.9p (1.6p). Total dividend is held at 0.7p.

Half-year to 30 June

Instem advanced to pounds 505,000 ( pounds 410,000) pre-tax profit, despite showing a fall in turnover to pounds 8m ( pounds 9.5m). EPS 7.4p (6p). Dividend is 1.4p (1.3p).

Laird Group showed better pre- tax profits of pounds 23.9m ( pounds 20.5m). Helped by a lower tax charge, EPS improved to 13.2p (12.3p). Dividend is 4.4p (4.2p).

Molins achieved pounds 8.8m ( pounds 8m) pre- tax profit on pounds 98.6m ( pounds 85.2m) turnover. EPS 22.2p. (20.1p). Dividend is 5.3p (4.9p).

Perry Group revealed a small decline in pre-tax profits to pounds 2.6m ( pounds 2.9m). EPS fell to 6.6p (10p). Dividend is held at 2.75p.

Premier Consolidated Oilfields returned lower pre-tax profits of pounds 5.3m ( pounds 6.2m). EPS 0.62p (0.84p). No dividend.

Taylor Nelson more than doubled pre-tax profits to pounds 3.1m ( pounds 1.5m). EPS 0.91p (0.47p). Dividend is 0.30p (0.13p).

Ulster TV achieved pounds 2.45m ( pounds 2m) pre-tax profit, helped by a 16 per cent rise in advertising. EPS 15.6p (11.76p). Dividend is 7.5p (6.25p).

Vinten Group surged from pounds 1.7m taxable loss to pounds 9.1m pre-tax profit. EPS recovered to 18.4p (7.2p). Dividend is 2.4p (2.1p).