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American Trust is to pay a 1.9p (1.8p) dividend for the six months to 31 July. Net asset value per share is 288.3p (308.8p).

FII Group, maker of footwear and medical equipment, slashed pre-tax profits to pounds 2.55m ( pounds 5.2m) in the year to 31 May. EPS 10.9p (22.7p). Total dividend held at 14.75p.

Dewhirst Group, makers of toiletries and clothing, doubled pre-tax profits to pounds 7m ( pounds 3.5m) in the six months to 15 July. EPS 3.63p (1.87p). Dividend is 0.65p (0.4p).

Year to 30 June

Castle Communications pre-tax profits pounds 2.1m ( pounds 1.5m). EPS 19.8p (15.3p). Dividend is 4.5p (8.5p).

Dowding & Mills, provider of electrical and mechanical services, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 6.7m ( pounds 5m). Turnover pounds 90.9m ( pounds 83.3m). EPS 2.74p (2.04p). Total dividend 2.56p (2.5p).

Merivale Moore, the property developer, achieved pounds 1.1m pre-tax profit (loss pounds 939,000). EPS 6p. Dividend is 2p.

Pict Petroleum fell to pounds 3.3m ( pounds 4.8m) pre-tax profit. EPS 6.3p (9.34p). No dividend.

Half-year to 30 June

Aspen Communications sharply increased pre-tax profits to pounds 1m ( pounds 187,000). Sales were pounds 34.9m ( pounds 30.2m). EPS 4.8p (1p). Dividend is 2.15p (2p).

Amey Holdings boosted pre-tax profits from pounds 556,000 to pounds 1.7m despite a lower turnover of pounds 97.3m ( pounds 109.3m). EPS 4.8p (1.2p). Dividend is 1.5p.

Biotrace Int, which makes contamination detection kits for the food and drinks industries, deepened taxable losses to pounds 225,000 ( pounds 113,000). LPS 0.7p (1.9p). No dividend.

Candover Investments declared a higher dividend of 4.15p (3.95p). Net asset value per share 330p (310p). Bottom Line, this page.

EIS Group, the process engineers, advanced to pounds 8.9m ( pounds 7.85m) pre- tax profit on improved turnover of pounds 154.2m ( pounds 123.8m). EPS 13.3p (13.1p). Dividend is 3.4p (3.3p).

Forth Ports moved pre-tax profits ahead to pounds 5.7m ( pounds 5.5m). EPS 12.7p (11.9p). Dividend is 2.7p (2.25p).

Healthcall Group almost doubled pre-tax profits to pounds 2.9m ( pounds 1.5m). Eps 4.39p (1.58p). Dividend is 1.5p.

Jupiter Tyndall, the investment manager, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 5.9m ( pounds 3.6m). EPS 13.2p (8.2p). Dividend is 6p (4p).

Nestor-BNA, healthcare service supplier, incurred pounds 2.5m taxable loss (profit pounds 2m). LPS 4.11p (EPS 1.93p). Dividend is held at 1.15p.

Select Appointments, the recruitment consultant, recovered from pounds 692,000 taxable loss to make pounds 2,000 profit. LPS 0.06p (0.32p).

Sharp and Fisher, the building supplies and property group, climbed to pounds 2m ( pounds 658,000) pre-tax profit. EPS 6.6p (2.1p). Dividend is 1.7p (1.5p).

UK Safety, maker of leather footwear, climbed to pounds 1m ( pounds 302,000) pre-tax profit. EPS 1.78p (1.96p). Dividend is held at 1.04p.