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Interims to 30 June

Roskel (building) made pounds 532,000 (pounds 528,000). Dividend unchanged at 1.3p.

Middlesex Holdings (metals) made pounds 1.56m (pounds 81,000 loss). No div.

Devro (food) made pounds 14.1m (pounds 12.1m). Div 2.35p.

Calor made pounds 31.1m (pounds 27.6m). Unchanged div 6p.

W Canning, chemicals company, made pounds 3.64m (pounds 1.83m). Payout unchanged at 2.94p.

Vardon (leisure) made pounds 1.54m (pounds 540,000). Div 0.375p (0.3p).

London Forfaiting (finance) made pounds 7.3m (pounds 10.5m). Div unchanged at 3.2p.

Era (retailing) made loss of pounds 2.26m (pounds 2.59m loss). No div.

Argent made pounds 448,000 (pounds 3.86m loss). No div.

Camas (building) made pounds 4.88m (pounds 3.42m). Maiden interim div 1.25p.

Arlen (electrical) made pounds 1.21m (pounds 6.81m loss). No div.

Try Group (construction) made pounds 252,000 (pounds 68,000). Div unchanged at 0.5p.

Woodchester Investments made Ir pounds 14.9m (Ir pounds 16.4m). Div Ir pounds 2.39p (Ir pounds 2.08p).

Aegis Group (media) made pounds 14.2m (pounds 9.7m). No div.

Co-operative Bank made pounds 11.05m (pounds 8.07m). Eps 0.65p (0.37p).