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Half year to 30 June

Antofagasta Holdings almost halved pre-tax profits from pounds 20.7m to pounds 10.1m. Turnover declined to pounds 36.8m ( pounds 40.7m). Eps dropped to 5.4p (13p), but the dividend was lifted to 1.45p (1.2p).

Bodycote International, provider of industrial safety products, increased pre-tax profits from pounds 6.5m to pounds 7.2m. Sales rose to pounds 41.4m ( pounds 37.7m). Eps 8.28p (7.68p). Dividend is 2.15p (2p).

Brake Bros, supplier of frozen and chilled foods, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 8.9m ( pounds 7.1m), assisted by a 15 per cent rise in sales to pounds 165.4m ( pounds 143.3m). Eps 11.1p (10p). Dividend is 2.3p (2p).

Bernard Matthews, best known for its oven-ready turkey products, reported a sharp rise in pre-tax profits from pounds 4.6m to pounds 8.4m. Sales jumped 54 per cent to pounds 137.1m ( pounds 88.9m). Eps climbed to 4.54p (2.5p). Dividend is 1.32p (1.1p).

BSG Intl, the automotive components and vehicle distribution and leasing group, saw a marked increase in turnover from pounds 291.8m to pounds 324.8m, but experienced a small decline in pre-tax profits to pounds 8.3m ( pounds 8.5m). Eps 1.97p (2.07p). Dividend is held at 0.7p.

Nelson Hurst, the insurance broker, reported pre-tax profits of pounds 4.4m ( pounds 3.4m) on pounds 21.5m ( pounds 18.4m) turnover. Eps rose to 6.4p (5.1p). Dividend is 2.2p (1.87p).

Parambe, the investments and arts dealer, returned pre- tax profits of pounds 17m, sharply down from the pounds 40.2m reported for the comparable period. Eps were cut to 0.21p (0.49p). No dividend.

Secure Trust, the financial services group, edged ahead to pounds 3.9m ( pounds 3.7m) pre-tax profit. Eps 18.6p (17.3p). Dividend is 5p (4.5p).

Wolstenholme Rink, the inks and paints maker, revealed higher pre-tax profits of pounds 3m ( pounds 2m). Turnover grew to pounds 32.7m ( pounds 26.6m). Eps improved to 25.3p (16.8p). Dividend is 7.8p (6.8p).