Company News in Brief

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Half-year to 30 June

Dencora, the property investor and builder, leapt to pounds 905,000 ( pounds 370,000) pre-tax profit, helped by a marked rise in turnover to pounds 8.8m ( pounds 5.8m). EPS jumped to 2.3p (0.6p). No dividend.

Fitzwilton, the cash and carry and motor distribution business, saw profits fall to Ir pounds 259,000 (Ir pounds 1m). Dividend is Ir1p (Ir1.5p).

Golden Vale, the dairy products maker, more than halved pre-tax profits to Ir pounds 4.4m (Ir pounds 9.1m). EPS Ir2.3p (Ir4.66p). Dividend is held at Ir0.6p.

Steel Burrill Jones, the insurance broker, achieved pounds 3.8m pre-tax profit (loss pounds 3.9m). EPS 4.66p (LPS 7.62p). Dividend is held at 3p.

Seafield Resources jumped to pounds 1.3m ( pounds 376,000) pre-tax profit. EPS 2.1p (0.4p). No dividend.

Spirax-Sarco Engineering pushed pre-tax profits ahead to pounds 14.1m ( pounds 11.4m). EPS 10.7p (8.5p). Dividend is 3.5p (6.6p).

Tibbett & Britten lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 12.6m ( pounds 11.4m) on pounds 203m ( pounds 176.8m) turnover. EPS 19.4p (17.5p). Dividend is 5p (4.5p).

Tilbury Douglas slashed pre-tax profits to pounds 6.1m ( pounds 12.8m). EPS 11.9p (26.9p). Dividend is held at 10.5p.