Company News in Brief

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Goodwin, the mechanical and refractory engineer, announced a rise in pre-tax profits from pounds 208,000 to pounds 383,000 for the year to 30 April. Earnings per share increased to 3.8p (1.8p), but the total dividend was held at 0.655p.

Molyneux Estates, the property firm, climbed from pounds 2.5m taxable loss to pounds 1.1m pre-tax profit for the year to 30 June, helped by a pounds 1m rise in turnover to pounds 5m. Earnings per share recovered to 2.61p (LPS 11.24p). Total dividend is 1.25p (1p).

Breedon, the aggregates and building concern, recorded a sharp rise in pre-tax profits to pounds 1.5m ( pounds 960,000) for the six months to 31 July. It attributed part of the rise to an increase in the sale of top-of-the-range houses. Group turnover grew from pounds 5m to pounds 6.6m. EPS 3.53p (2.26p). Dividend is held at 1.75p.

Foreign & Colonial Pacific Investment Trust has declared an increased dividend of 1.2p (0.9p) for the six months to 31 July. Earnings per share improved to 3.12p (1.93p) as did the net asset value from 305.9p to 363.8p.

Half-year to 30 June

Norman Hay, the metals finisher and plant manufacturer, reduced taxable losses to pounds 368,000 (pounds 677,000). Turnover fell to pounds 3.2m (pounds 3.9m). Loss per share was cut from 4.5p to 2.5p. No dividend (4.5p).

Joseph Holt, the brewer, beverages retailer and pubs operator, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 4m (pounds 3.8m) on slightly better sales of pounds 13.7m. Earnings per share rose to 87.8p (84.58p). It put up the dividend to 12p (11p).

Servomex, which makes gas analysis machines, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 856,000 (pounds 747,000). Turnover was marginally lower at pounds 10.7m (pounds 10.8m). Earnings per share were higher at 5.2p (4.8p). Dividend is 2.1p (1.9p).