Company News in Brief

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Year ended 31 December

Calor Group fell to pounds 33.6m ( pounds 45m) pre-tax profit. EPS 12p (18.1p). Total dividend held at 6p.

Anglo Pacific Resources deepened pre-tax losses to pounds 670,000 ( pounds 352,000). Ash and Lacy made pounds 3.7m ( pounds 4.8m) pre-tax profit. EPS 9.76p (13.1p). Total dividend held at 6.4p.

Ayrshire Metal achieved pounds 209,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 297,000). Earnings per share 2.1p (loss 2.3p).

William Baird eased to pounds 23.4m ( pounds 25.1m) pre-tax profit. EPS 14.1p (16.5p). Total dividend held at 8.9p.

Bostrom rose to pounds 919,000 ( pounds 825,000) pre-tax profit. EPS 9p (6.4p). Total dividend held at 6p.

Boxmore Intl rose to pounds 3.6m ( pounds 3.1m) pre-tax profit. EPS 13.1p (11.9p). Total dividend is 3.68p (3.475p).

Broadcastle made pounds 276,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 400,000). No dividend.

Fife Indmar slumped to pounds 843,000 pre- tax loss (profit pounds 906,000). Dividend 0.5p (4.9p).

Norman Hay incurred pounds 3.1m ( pounds 2.2m) pre-tax loss. LPS 19.7p (11.3p).

Johnston Group saw pre-tax losses worsen from pounds 1.1m to pounds 4.1m. Total dividend is 3.25p.

Taylor Nelson rose to pounds 3.1m ( pounds 490,000) pre-tax profit. EPS 1.28p (0.62p). Total dividend is 0.3p (0.13p).

Tilbury Douglas maintained pre-tax profits at pounds 15m. EPS 31.1p (46.9p). Total dividend held at 33p.

Six months to 31 January

Bridport-Gundry incurred pounds 439,000 pre-tax loss (profit pounds 172,000). Interim dividend is held at 1.5p.

Frederick Cooper eased to pounds 1.8m ( pounds 2m) pre-tax profit. EPS 2.5p (2.8p). Dividend is 0.7p (1.5p).


Adwest advanced to pounds 3.2m ( pounds 2m) pre- tax profit in six months to 31 December. Dividend is 2p (1.25p).

Sinclair Goldsmith pre-tax loss pounds 265,000 (loss pounds 589,000) in six months to 30 November.

Arcon Intl's pre-tax loss pounds 1.2m ( pounds 702,000) for year ended 31 August.

London Securities incurred pounds 36.9m pre-tax loss in 18 months to 30 September ( pounds 36.6m year to 31 March).

Plateau Mining pre-tax loss pounds 10.9m (profit pounds 23,000) in year to 30 September. LPS 28.7p (EPS 0.12p).

QS Holdings rose to pounds 8.5m ( pounds 7.8m) pre-tax profit for year to 31 January. Total dividend is 5.19p (4.75p).