Company News in Brief

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Year ended 31 December

T&S Stores, the sweet shops operator, eased to pounds 12.5m ( pounds 13.4m) on sales of pounds 345.3m ( pounds 314.2m). Earnings per share fell to 15.2p (15.7p). Final dividend is 3.5p, making 5.9p (5.5p).

Densitron International, the electronics company, reversed pounds 377,000 taxable loss to make pounds 1m pre-tax profit. Earnings per share 4p (loss 5.5p). Total dividend is 1.4p (nil).

Dinkie Heel slipped to pounds 201,000 ( pounds 259,000) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share fell to 1.31p (1.82p). Total dividend held at 0.95p.

Dolphin Packaging cut pre-tax profits to pounds 1.5m ( pounds 3m). Earnings per share are 5.22p (10.5p). Final dividend is 2.8p, making 4.5p (same)

Home Counties Newspapers, which makes bespoke envelopes, reported a fall in pre-tax profits to pounds 747,000 ( pounds 1.05m). Earnings per share 7.2p (7.15p). Total dividend is 6p (8.25p).

Roskel, the partition systems and suspended ceilings supplier, fell to pounds 1.2m pre-tax loss (profit pounds 1.6m). Loss per share is 5.46p (earnings 7.22p). Final dividend is 3p, making 4.3p (same).

Thompson Clive Investments fell to pounds 565,000 ( pounds 729,000) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share are 3.5p (4.2p). Total dividend held at 3.8p.


Wescol Group turned around a pounds 379,000 pre-tax loss to make pounds 13,000 profit for six months to 31 January. Earnings per share 0.1p (loss 3.6p).