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Bisichi Mining, the mining finance and investment company, increased pre-tax profits from pounds 106,000 to pounds 166,000 for the year ended 31 December on gross rental income up from pounds 344,000 to pounds 358,000, following rent reviews. It made pounds 62,000 (loss pounds 35,000) on share dealings. Earnings per share are 1.34p (0.75p). Total dividend is raised to 0.63p (0.6p).

Scottish Metropolitan Property, the commercial and industrial property developer and investor, returned pre-tax profits of pounds 532,000 (loss pounds 840,000) for the six months to 29 February on slightly lower turnover of pounds 10m (pounds 10.6m). Earnings per share are 0.43p (loss 1.38p). The interim dividend is reduced to 0.4p (1.5p).

EFM Dragon Trust, the investment trust most of whose investments are in Hong Kong, was unable to pay an interim dividend after it incurred pounds 9,000 taxable loss (profit pounds 257,000) for the six months to 29 February. Net asset value per share, however, grew to 19.32p (13.23p).

Five Oaks Investments, the property investor and developer, has deepened pre-tax losses from pounds 371,000 to pounds 953,000 for the six months to 31 December. The loss per share worsened from 0.8p to 2.04p. It passed the interim dividend.

Keystone Investment Company, the investment trust, maintained the interim dividend payment at 5p for the six months to 31 March. Revenue before tax more than doubled to pounds 2.35m (pounds 1.06m) over the period. Earnings per share rose sharply to 12.32p (5.05p). Net asset value per share improved to 533.17p (421.32p).

London and St Lawrence Investment failed to declare an interim dividend payout for the six months to 29 February. Revenue before tax eased to pounds 757,000 ( pounds 768,000) as did earnings per share from 2.74p to 2.7p. Net asset value per share rose from 124.82p to 157.06p.

Jupiter European Investment Trust is paying 1p interim dividend for the 10 months to 28 February (0.5p for six months to 31 October). It made pounds 139,000 (pounds 108,000) pre-tax revenue. Net asset value per share is 76.33p (65.58p).