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Farringford incurred pounds 655,000 taxable loss for the year to 28 February, compared with a pounds 2.3m loss for the previous 14 months. No dividend.

NCR boosted pre-tax profits to pounds 19.15m ( pounds 3.3m) in the six months to 31 May, helped by a 102 per cent rise in export sales from its Scottish plant. Group sales jumped to pounds 181m ( pounds 121.1m). EPS 152p (26p).

Abtrust Scotland Investment has maintained the dividend at 0.6p for the year to 31 May. Net asset value per share is 34.3p (32.2p).

Division Group, which provides systems to the virtual reality markets, slipped to pounds 10,200 taxable loss (profit pounds 73,000) in the six months to 30 April, although turnover almost doubled to pounds 914,000 ( pounds 499,000). LPS 0.1p (EPS 0.7p). No dividend.

Year to 31 March

Illingworth Morris, the fibres processor, made pounds 139,000 ( pounds 232,000) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share 4.5p (2.5p).

Woolcombers, the fibres group, edged pre-tax profits ahead to pounds 3.05m ( pounds 2.95m). EPS 10.3p (8.8p).