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Associated Fisheries has agreed to a merger with Linton Park. AF shareholders will get one Linton Park share and 70p in cash for every two AF shares. Preference shareholders will get 69p for each 3.325 per cent AF pounds 1 pref share and 58p for each 5.6 per cent AF 50p pref share.

Chieftain Group, the insulation and fireproofing company, revealed taxable losses of pounds 481,000 (profit pounds 620,000) for the half-year to 30 June. It was hit by a pounds 990,000 provision against the effect of the appointment of receivers to Swan Hunter Shipbuilders, an important client. LPS 3.76p (EPS 4.85p). Dividend was cut to 1.5p (2.1p).

Year to 31 March

Williamson Tea achieved pounds 6.2m ( pounds 3.7m) pre-tax profit, boosted by firmer tea prices. It said a shortfall in world tea crops pushed prices up. Earnings per share were 109.74p (37.78p). Total dividend is 22.5p (20p).

Prior, the property trader, recovered from a pounds 5.2m taxable loss to pounds 347,000 pre-tax profit. EPS 1.23p (loss 18.14p). No dividend.