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Kode International, the printed circuits board manufacturer and computer services group, more than doubled pre-tax profits from pounds 330,000 to pounds 710,000 in the 26 weeks to 2 July. Following the succesful merger in December of the former Kode Computers and DSM, which the company acquired in July last year, DSM Services, the group's enlarged computer services business, was able to contribute pounds 123,000 profit (loss pounds 453,000), helped by savings from the merger of combined overheads. The company said demand for printed circuit boards in Europe and the UK showed a significant rise in the second quarter. In March Kamtronics was formed to be responsible for high-volume printed circuit boards sourced from the Far East. Total group sales were up 27 per cent to pounds 12.3m ( pounds 9.6m). Earnings per share improved to 4.3p (2.5p). Interim dividend is 2p, up from 1.5p.

T Clarke, the electrical equipment maker and distributor, maintained the dividend at 1.26p despite a sharp fall in pre-tax profits from pounds 672,000 to pounds 274,000 in the half-year to 30 June, suffering from the effects of continuing decline in the construction industry. Turnover, however, rose from pounds 30.1m to pounds 32.2m. Earnings per share were 1.265p (3.404p). The company expects lower profits for the year.