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AG Holdings, cable reels supplier, made pre-tax profits of pounds 2.9m ( pounds 1.5m) in the year to 31 July. EPS 11.4p (4.7p). Final dividend of 2p (0p).

Cranswick, animal feeds maker, made pounds 745,000 pre-tax ( pounds 995,000) in the six months to 25 September. Dividend 2.4p (same). EPS 3.8p (6p).

Creston, the joinery and glazing company, cut losses to pounds 642,000 before tax in the year to 30 June.

Six months to 30 September

Creighton's Naturally, the toiletries company, boosted pre- tax profits by pounds 200,000 to pounds 819,000. Dividend 2.2p (2.1p). EPS 11.6p (9.1p).

Drummond, the textiles group, made pre-tax profits of pounds 370,000 ( pounds 57,000).

Evans of Leeds, the property company, made profits of pounds 4m before tax ( pounds 3.7m). Interim dividend 1.58p (1.43p).

Northumbrian Fine Foods made pounds 104,000 profit (loss pounds 1m).

Oceonics, the oil and gas technology company, saw profits tumble to pounds 222,000 ( pounds 1.8m).

John Tams Group, the USM earthenware goods maker, increased profits to pounds 501,000 ( pounds 379,000). Interim dividend 1.6p (1.59p).

Sims Food Group made a loss of pounds 1.3m before tax ( pounds 2.5m). Interim dividend is 2p (3p).

Year to 30 September

Eurocopy, the photocopier and fax machine supplier, saw pre-tax profits rise to pounds 2.6m ( pounds 1.7m) despite a drop in turnover to pounds 27.6m ( pounds 34.2m). Dividend 1.7p (1.6p). EPS 3.6p (2.32p).

Holmes & Marchant, the marketing consultancy, made pounds 1.2m before tax (loss pounds 4.8m). No final dividend.

Lister, the textiles company, reduced losses to pounds 268,000 ( pounds 1.6m) in the half-year to 25 September.

Tunstall, the security group, made pre-tax profits of pounds 6.5m ( pounds 2.6m). Dividend 4.5p (3.75p).