Company News in Brief

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Haemocell, the surgical blood filter developer, achieved pounds 157,000 pre- tax profit (loss pounds 52,000) for the year to 31 August. No dividend.

Shoprite, the retailer and property investment group, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 5.1m ( pounds 2.7m) for the year to 31 October. EPS 5.64p (3.77p). Total dividend 2.2p (1.5p).

Year to 30 September

Alvis, the engineering firm, sharply increased pre-tax profits to pounds 5.1m ( pounds 1.1m). EPS 2.4p (LPS 5.5p). Total dividend held at 1p.

Baggeridge Brick, building products maker and supplier, celebrated its fiftieth year with higher pre-tax profits of pounds 2m ( pounds 1.8m). EPS 3.33p (3.03p). Total dividend 3.125p.

Chemring Group, military distress and safety equipment and clothing maker, pushed pre-tax profits higher to pounds 5.7m ( pounds 5.2m). EPS 18.8p (17.2p). Total dividend 9p (8.15p).

Greencore, the Irish foods group, rose to Ir pounds 34m (Ir pounds 29.6m) pre-tax profit. EPS Ir33.9p (Ir28.8p). Total dividend Ir8.8p (Ir8p).

Hunters Armley, the printing group, disclosed higher pre-tax profits of pounds 2.7m ( pounds 2m). EPS 9.32p (6.98p). Total dividend 3.75p.

Polar, electronic components supplier, advanced to pounds 1.3m ( pounds 902,000) pre-tax profit. EPS 10.7p (7.3p). Total dividend 4.85p (4.5p).

Six months to 30 September

Bristol Water Holdings, the water supplier, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 4.1m ( pounds 3.4m). EPS 44.5p (44p). Dividend 11.1p (10.3p).

Ensor, the transport and building products group, reduced taxable losses from pounds 2.1m to pounds 32,000. LPS cut to 0.1p (18.1p). No dividend.