Company News in Brief

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Year to 30 September

Albion, the menswear maker and distributor, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 1.1m ( pounds 774,000). Turnover rose to pounds 21.6m ( pounds 15.6m). Earnings per share are 20.2p (15.5p). Total dividend 4p (3p).

AJ Archer Holdings, the Lloyd's syndicate operator, incurred pounds 816,000 taxable loss (profit pounds 1.2m). Loss per share 1.9p (EPS 1.8p). Total dividend 1p (4.4p).

Barcom, the plant hirer, more than tripled pre-tax profits from pounds 562,000 to pounds 2.1m. Turnover grew to pounds 31.8m ( pounds 11.5m). Earnings per share 10.9p (7.4p). Total dividend 3p (1.25p).

Bradstock Group, the insurance broker, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 7.65m ( pounds 7.4m). Earnings per share 8.9p (8.5p). Total dividend 5.5p (5.1p).

Chiltern Radio reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 392,000 to pounds 246,000. LPS 3.4p (4.6p). No dividend.

Fairline Boats, the boat builder, achieved pounds 558,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 507,000). Earnings per share rose to 10.6p (LPS 7p). Final dividend 6.925p, making 10.5p.

Six months to 30 September

AH Ball, the pipeline builder, fell from pounds 407,000 profit to pounds 40,000 taxable loss, despite a 43 per cent jump in turnover to pounds 4.1m. Losses per share 0.2p (EPS 3.48p). Dividend 1p (2.2p).

Europe Energy reduced taxable losses from pounds 145,000 to pounds 76,000. Losses per share are cut to 0.61p (1.16p). No dividend.

London Merchant Securities, the property and investment company, saw pre-tax profits fall 7 per cent to pounds 10.1m. Rental income fell from pounds 15m to pounds 14.8m. Earnings per share eased to 2.31p (2.53p). Dividend held at 0.8p.

Plysu, the plastics, housewares and protective clothing maker, declined to pounds 3.4m ( pounds 5.8m) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share fell to 4.8p (8.4p). Interim dividend 2p.

Stewart & Wight, the property investment company, made pounds 170,000 ( pounds 183,000) pre-tax profit. EPS 145.3p (155.7p). No dividend.

Sutcliffe Speakman, steel maker and food merchant, recovered from pounds 560,000 taxable loss to make pounds 361,000 profit. Earnings per share 0.38p (LPS 2.06p). No dividend.

Victoria Carpet Holdings, the carpet and yarn maker, rose from pounds 227,000 to pounds 456,000 pre-tax profit. Earnings per share 4.17p (2.03p). No dividend.

Six months to 31 October

MS International, engineering products maker, realised pre-tax profits of pounds 462,000 ( pounds 250,000) from slightly better sales of pounds 13.9m ( pounds 13.7m). Earnings per share 1.1p (0.6p). Dividend held at 1p.

Westport Group, exhibition and photographic services company, slumped from pounds 111,000 profit to pounds 220,000 taxable loss. LPS 0.18p (EPS 0.09p). No dividend.


Farringford, the hotelier, cut taxable losses to pounds 42,000 ( pounds 151,000) in six months to 31 August. LPS 0.21p (0.66p). No dividend.

Intercare Group, the healthcare products supplier, drove pre-tax profits up from pounds 3.6m to pounds 4.3m in the year to 31 October. EPS 10.5p (9.5p). Total dividend 3.5p (2.6p).