Company News in Brief

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Six months to 30 September

ERF Holdings, commercial vehicle maker, cut taxable losses from pounds 2.7m to pounds 479,000. LPS 7.53p (30.14p). No dividend.

Phoenix Timber incurred pounds 525,000 (pounds 583,000) taxable loss. LPS 3.6p (4p). No dividend.

Scott Pickford doubled pre-tax profits from pounds 103,000 to pounds 209,000. EPS 1.89p (1p). No dividend.

Symonds Engineering reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 256,000 to pounds 126,000. LPS fell to 1.27p (1.93p).


API Group has sold its heating and ventilating business, Diffusion Environmental Systems, to Benson Group for pounds 1.5m in cash.

Filofax has bought Drakes Office Systems, which designs and sells carbonless duplicate message books, from its founder, Tom Drake, for pounds 3m.