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Kelsey Industries, the electrical equipment and roofing contractors, achieved pounds 212,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 307,000) for the year to 30 September. Earnings per share are 12.2p (LPS 16.2p). Total dividend reduced to 8p (13p).

CA Sperati, the button and trimmings merchant, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 54,000 (pounds 41,000) for the year to 31 October on sales up 10 per cent from pounds 777,000 to pounds 857,000. Earnings per share are 38.65p (30.04p). No dividend.

Danae Investment Trust maintained its dividend payout for six months to 30 November. Net asset value per income share is 51.68p (51.79p).

Beverley Group, the engineer, is to sell Gall Thompson Marine to Villiers Group for up to pounds 4m in cash and the new shares issued after it withdrew its previous commitment to sell the company to Sealand Industries, a subsidiary of VSEL. Beverley will gain an extra pounds 500,000 from the sale to Villiers Group.