Company News in Brief

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Waterman Partnership Holdings, which provides design advice on structural and civil engineering projects, turned around from pounds 235,000 pre-tax loss to make pounds 56,000 profit in the six months to 31 December. Interim dividend is held at 0.5p.

Greenwich Communications, supplier of cable and satellite TV equipment, sharply reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 768,000 to pounds 57,500 in the year to 31 August. Turnover rose to pounds 422,000 (pounds 289,000), while the interest charged was slashed to under pounds 7,000 (pounds 204,000). No dividend.

Inoco, the property investment company, announced lower pre-tax losses of pounds 4.3m (loss pounds 6.8m) for the year ended 31 December.

Mallett, the antique dealer, virtually halved pre-tax profits to pounds 519,000 (pounds 1.1m) for the year ended 31 December. Total dividend is 2p.

Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon saw its net asset value per share decline from 139.01p to 123.1p as at the end of the year to 31 January. No dividend.

Six months to 31 October

Arcadian International, the property developer and project managers, reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 592,000 to pounds 302,000.

BBB Design Group, the graphic design and contract publisher, revealed a slight drop in pre-tax loss to pounds 165,000 (loss pounds 189,000). No dividend.

De Morgan Group, which provides property advice services, increased turnover from pounds 753,000 to pounds 987,000, helping to cut taxable losses from pounds 814,000 to pounds 131,000. No dividend.

IMC Industries, the soft drinks and entertainment products developer, formerly International Media Communications, saw pre-tax profits eased to pounds 202,000 (pounds 273,000). Turnover tripled to pounds 3m (pounds 1m). No dividend.

SEET, the clothing fabrics company, cut pre-tax losses from pounds 455,000 to pounds 65,000. No dividend.

Goodwin, the refractory engineer and metal processor, fell to pounds 81,000 (pounds 232,000) pre-tax profit on lower turnover of pounds 6.6m (pounds 7.1m). No dividend.