Company News in Brief

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OMI International, the electro-optics and instrumentation company, announced a pre-tax loss in the six months to September 1992 of pounds 88,000 (loss of pounds 1.34m). There was a loss per share of 0.2p (3.0p). The interim dividend was maintained at 0.75p, despite being uncovered again, as a statement of confidence in the company's progress.

The chairman and chief executive, Gil Williams, said the results 'were in line with expectations, a step towards the ultimate restoration of an acceptable profit performance'. Trading conditions remain difficult, however, and pressure on margins is intense.

Assets per share were 40.3p. The shares fell 5p to 22p.

Goode Durrant: It was erroneously reported in yesterday's newspaper that Goode Durrant's interim pre-tax profits fell 46 per cent. The correct figure was 32 per cent.

LPA Industries made pounds 477,000 pre-tax profits in the year to the end of September, unchanged from the previous year. Earnings per share were 3.53p (3.69p). The total dividend was 3.52p. There was no dividend the previous year. British Bloodstock Agency made a pre-tax loss of pounds 311,000 in the half year to the end of September against a loss in the previous first half of pounds 412,000. The loss per share was 8.1p against 10.1p and there was again no interim dividend. The chairman, Christo Philipson, said 1992 was probably the most difficult year ever for the international bloodstock industry.

Chartwell Group made a loss before tax in the six months to the end of September of pounds 137,000 against a profit of pounds 41,000 in the previous first half. There was no dividend.

Aspen Communications is raising pounds 1.1m net for investment, particularly in a computer-driven marketing and administration system. A total of 646,473 new shares are being issued at 173p each.

Ryan Hotels made lower pre-tax profits of I pounds 229,299 ( pounds 218,000) in the year to the end of October against I pounds 1.06m the previous year, due to a rise in interest charges.