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Albert Fisher Group has bought Reddi-Made Foods, a fruit processor based in Tampa, Florida, for dollars 8m in cash. The purchase includes important patented technology for processing fruit products.

Aberdeen Steak Houses, the restaurants operator, chopped pre-tax losses from pounds 369,000 to pounds 185,000 in the year to 31 December. Turnover slipped to pounds 12.9m ( pounds 13.3m). Loss per share is cut to 1.2p (2.3p). No dividend.

McInerney Properties, the civil engineer and property developer, reported a marginal cut from Ir pounds 1.7m to Ir pounds 1.6m pre-tax loss in the year to 31 December. Loss per share is 6.2p (21.6p). No dividend.

Northamber, the computer hardware, software and peripherals supplier, sharply reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 2.7m to pounds 973,000 in the year to 30 April. Turnover increased to pounds 103m ( pounds 93.1m). Loss per share was slashed from 11.6p to 3.9p. Final dividend is raised to 0.6p (0.5p).

Rubicon Group, the storage and handling systems manufacturer, enhanced pre-tax profits from pounds 822,000 to pounds 1.2m in the year to 31 May. Turnover rose to pounds 18.1m ( pounds 15m). Final dividend is 2.5p, making 4p (nil).