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ML Laboratories recovered from a pounds 447,000 taxable loss to make pounds 65,000 profit in the six months to 31 March, aided by a 50 per cent rise in turnover to pounds 467,000 ( pounds 312,000). Earnings per share 0.1p (loss 1.8p). No dividend.

Year to 31 March

Bogod Group, which sells sewing machines and parts, made pounds 232,000 ( pounds 259,000) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share were 2.58p (2.99p). Total dividend is held at 0.35p.

Real Time Control, the computer supplier, fell to pounds 492,000 ( pounds 1.2m) pre- tax profit. Earnings per share 4.9p (11.1p). Final dividend held at 3p.

Year to 30 April

Wyko Group, the bearings and power transmission equipment supplier, slumped to pounds 20,000 taxable loss (profit pounds 1.4m), hit by losses in manufacturing, and a pounds 290,000 charge for legal, accountancy and guarantee work involving the sale of a subsidiary last year. Loss per share 0.5p (EPS 2.37p). Total dividend 1p (2.8p).

Heiton Holdings, the building materials group, achieved Ir1.75m (Ir pounds 1.5m) pre-tax profits. Earnings per share 3.91p (3.24p). Total dividend 2p.