Company News in Brief

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Year to 31 March

Hampson Industries reported pre-tax profits of pounds 3.76m against pounds 4.06m last time. Undiluted earnings per share were 3.13p (3.62p). A final of 1.2p makes 1.6p (2.373p).

Jones Stroud Holdings increased pre-tax profits from pounds 4.83m to pounds 6.51m. Earnings per share were 24.85p against 18.05p last time. A final of 5.5p makes 8.8p (5p).

Druck Holdings held pre-tax profits at pounds 4.7m. Earnings per share rose slightly to 48.1p (46.5p). A final dividend of 6.6p makes 10p against 9.4p last time.

Year to 30 April

John D Wood reduced pre-tax losses to pounds 291,000 from pounds 497,000. The loss per share is 2.8p against 4.8p. There is no dividend.

Barbour Index reported a pre-tax profit of pounds 3.42m in the year to 30 April. This compared with pounds 3.7m last year. Earnings per share were 13.8p against 14.8p last time. A final of 5.45p makes 8p, a rise of 10 per cent.


Verson International Group recorded a pre-tax loss of pounds 3.26m in the year to 31 January (loss pounds 12.24m). The loss per share is 2.27p against 8.66p last time. No dividend declared.

Blackland Oil posted a pre-tax loss of pounds 357,000 in the year to 31 December 1992 (loss pounds 489,000). Loss per share is 3.59p (loss 5.28p). The company proposes to acquire Kingsleigh Petroleum for about pounds 26.7m and to raise about pounds 9.15m by way of a placing of 286 million new ordinary shares of 1p each at 3.5p.