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AIM Group, which makes refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 3.6m ( pounds 3.1m) in the year to 30 April. Turnover fell to pounds 41.7m ( pounds 58m). Earnings per share are 16.6p (13.7p). Total dividend is 7.5p (6.5p).

Year to 31 March

Eve Group, contractor for construction projects, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 4.15m ( pounds 3.3m), bolstered by a 35 per cent rise in turnover to pounds 53m ( pounds 39.1m). Earnings per share are 27.4p (22.5p). Total dividend is 10p (9.7p).

Worthington Group, clothing and accessories manufacturer, reported a 14 per cent increase in the total dividend from 1.4p to 1.6p despite a sharp decline in pre-tax profits from pounds 1.1m to pounds 652,000. The group believes a restructuring in March has placed it in a good position. Earnings per share were cut to 3p (4.3p). Figures for the previous year have been restated to account for acquisitions.

Half-year to 30 June

Trust of Property Shares' net asset value per share rose from 69.02p to 82.43p. No dividend.

Yeoman IT maintained the dividend payout at 5.5p. Net asset value per income share was halved to 50p.