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Caverdale Group recovered from pounds 272,000 taxable loss to pounds 663,000 pre-tax profit for the year to 31 December, aided by sharply increased turnover of pounds 21.6m (pounds 4.8m). Earnings per share 0.46p (0.31p). No dividend

Fleming Enterprise IT is to pay a higher total dividend of 4.7p (4.5p) for the year to 30 June. Net asset value per share is 199.96p (163.2p).

Hill and Smith Holdings, the steel stockholder, security fencing, garage and industrial doors maker, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 1.5m (pounds 1.2m) in the six months to 31 March. Earnings per share are 3.34p (2.79p). Interim dividend is held at 2.1p.

Geared Income IT held the dividend at 1.5p for three months to 30 June. Net asset value 86.1p (79.47p).

Year to 31 March

Campbell & Armstrong deepened pre-tax losses from pounds 823,000 to pounds 3.9m. Loss per share 24.6p (4.1p).

Eliza Tinsley, which makes ironmongery, holloware and garden tools, lifted pre-tax profits from pounds 510,000 to pounds 713,000. Earnings per share 6.62p (4.72p). Total divdiend 5.45p (5.2p).

Year to 30 April

Elbief, leather goods and giftware maker, deepened pre-tax losses from pounds 451,000 to pounds 592,000. Loss per share worsened to 4.3p (3p). No dividend.

YRM, the building services engineer, incurred pounds 2m pre-tax loss (profit pounds 1.4m). Turnover fell for the third year in a row, to pounds 14.1m (pounds 19.6m). Loss per share is 12.6p (earnings 5.78p). Total dividend is 0.5p (4p).

First Technology, safety equipment maker, advanced pre-tax profits from pounds 639,000 to pounds 2.3m. Earnings per share jumped to 10.75p (2.4p). Total dividend is 1p (nil).

Six months to 31 May

Throgmorton Trust held the dividend at 0.9p. Net asset value per share 76.7p (75.6p).

Holders Technology achieved pounds 251,000 (pounds 198,000) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share improved to 5.39p (4.23p). Dividend 2p.

Six months to 30 June

Witan Investment Co held the dividend at 2.7p. Net asset value per share 227.9p (181.5p).

Prime People, the management consultancy, made pre-tax losses of pounds 249,000 (pounds 124,000). No dividend.