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Year to 31 March

Acal, which sells electronic and industrial control products, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 3.15m ( pounds 2.8m). Earnings per share 14.6p (14p). Total dividend 6.3p (5.85p).

Critchley Group, electrical cable accessories maker, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 3.05m ( pounds 2.3m). Earnings per share 19.1p (15.3p). Final dividend is 4.8p.

Hicking Pentecost, textiles group, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 2.85m ( pounds 2.17m). Earnings per share 13.01p (11.25p). Final dividend 2.65p (2.2p).

Six months to 31 March

Aberdeen Trust fell from pounds 1m to pounds 981,000 pre-tax profit. Earnings per share 0.81p (0.97p). Dividend 0.5p (1p).

Johnson & Firth Brown, forgings and castings group, saw a 40 per cent fall in pre-tax profits to pounds 2.07m ( pounds 3.32m). Earnings per share 0.8p (1.6p). Interim dividend 1p (same).

Neotronics Technology, which makes gas monitoring instruments, made pounds 956,000 ( pounds 1.1m) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share 2.38p (2.77p). Dividend is held at 0.85p.


Manakin Holdings, the venture capital investment group, incurred pounds 192,000 pre-tax loss in the six months to 31 December. Loss per share 0.96p (EPS 1.25p). No dividend.

Molynx Holdings, the closed circuit TV systems maker, fell to pounds 486,000 taxable loss (profit pounds 1.9m) for the year ended 31 December. LPS 1.9p (EPS 10.7p). Total dividend 1.3p (4p).