Company News in Brief

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Lyons Irish Holdings, the Irish tea group, lifted pre-tax profits to Ir pounds 9.4m (Ir pounds 7.9m) in the year to 28 February. Final dividend is 9.45p (8.6p).

Year to 31 March

Albrighton provider of services and products to the building industry, has sharply reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 14.1m to pounds 358,000. Loss per share was cut to 0.6p (225.1p). No dividend.

Caffyns, the motor trader, drove pre- tax profits up from pounds 63,000 to pounds 262,000. Earnings per share are 0.8p (loss 5.6p). Total dividend is 11.5p.

Cape, the fire protection and building products manufacturer, made pounds 11.9m ( pounds 12.4m) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share are 14.9p (15.3p). Final dividend is 7.75p, making 10.75p (10.5p).

Sutcliffe, Speakman, steel products maker, deepened pre-tax losses to pounds 6.6m ( pounds 2.1m). Loss per share 4.2p (2.1p). No dividend.

Six months to 31 March

Blick the radio paging and cable TV equipment leasing company, advanced pre-tax profits to pounds 4.4m ( pounds 3.7m). Earnings per share rose to 12.3p (11.5p). Dividend is 3.3p (3p).

Greencore, the Irish food group, lifted pre-tax profits to Ir pounds 17.1m (Ir pounds 16.2m). Earnings per share rose to 17p (16p). Dividend is 3.3p (3p).

Lookers, the motor group, boosted pre-tax profits from pounds 615,000 to pounds 1.5m. Earnings per share are 2.6p (0.9p). Dividend is held at 2p.

Sanderson Electronics held pre-tax profits at pounds 1.8m. Earnings per share 14.2p (16p). Dividend is 9.9p (9p).