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Channel Holdings made pounds 308,000 pre-tax profit for the 15 months to 31 March (loss pounds 10,000 year to 31 December). Earnings per share 3p (loss 0.8p). Total dividend 1p.

Clyde Blowers said it will pay a 4p (0.83p) dividend for the six months to 28 February 'to reflect the pattern of profit recognition that we have the potential to achieve'. It incurred an pounds 18,000 taxable loss in the period. (profit pounds 34,000). Loss per share 1.76p (EPS 2.52p).

Melville St Invs warned it may have to cut future dividend payments as interest rates on deposits have fallen. It held the total dividend payout at 4p for the year to 30 April on taxable profits of pounds 1.06m ( pounds 1.05m).

Sheriff Holdings said a strategy of tight cost control enabled it to achieve a 189 per cent growth in group pre-tax profits to pounds 465,000 ( pounds 161,000) for the six months to 31 March. Earnings per share 3.5p (1.7p). Interim dividend is 1.25p (1p).

Year to 31 March

IWP International pre-tax profits Ir pounds 11.8m (Ir pounds 11m). EPS 31.9p (28.1p). Total dividend is Ir7.25p (Ir6.6p).

Volex Group advanced to pounds 7.3m ( pounds 3.7m) pre-tax profit on pounds 106.1m ( pounds 81.6m) turnover. Earnings per share improved to 22.5p (14.9p). Total dividend is 17.85p (17p).

Wellman boosted pre-tax profits to pounds 681,000 ( pounds 231,000). Earnings per share doubled to 1p (0.5p), but the total payout was cut to 0.9p (2.2p).