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Derwent Valley is to raise pounds 16.9m through a placing and open offer of 3.9 million shares at 450p per share.

Davenport Knitwear made pounds 1.45m ( pounds 1.2m) pre-tax profit for year ended 31 December. EPS 56.7p (46.7p). Total dividend 8.53p (8.25p).

Six months to 31 March

Bradstock pre-tax profits pounds 4.6m ( pounds 4.2m). EPS 5.32p (4.65p). Dividend is 1.55p (1.45p).

Grainger Trust achieved pounds 941,000 ( pounds 626,000) pre-tax profit. EPS 3.2p (2p). Dividend held at 1.2p.

Greenwich Resources pre-tax losses pounds 92,000 ( pounds 558,000 loss).

Year to 31 March

Chloride pre-tax losses grew to pounds 1.6m from pounds 1.4m. Loss per share 2p (1.8p).

Brockhampton lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 4.6m ( pounds 2.8m). EPS 36.3p (21.1p). Total dividend 7.5p (4.95p).

GEI Intl fell to pounds 2.1m ( pounds 2.8m) pre-tax profits. LPS 1.62p (EPS 5.86p). Total dividend is 4.94p (7.32p).

Hardy Oil & Gas achieved pre-tax profits of pounds 3.3m ( pounds 3.1m). EPS 11.3p (8.3p). Total dividend held at 1p.

Thomas Locker pre-tax profit pounds 421,000 ( pounds 347,000). Dividend 1p.

Oceana Consolidated boosted pre- tax profits to pounds 837,000 ( pounds 72,000). EPS 10.1p (2.31p). Total dividend 1.5p (1p).

Safeland advanced pre-tax profits from pounds 167,000 to pounds 242,000. EPS 1p (0.6p). Total dividend 0.5p (0.28p).