Company News in Brief

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Year to 31 March

Applied Holographics deepened pre- tax losses from pounds 1.6m to pounds 2.3m. Loss per share 11.2p (9.1p). No dividend.

NSM, the private coal-mining company, reported a pounds 1.95m taxable deficit against a pounds 5.7m loss in the previous year. No dividend.

Philip Harris lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 2m ( pounds 1.8m). Earnings per share 16.47p (14.58p). Total dividend is 6.85p (6.25p).

Kalamazoo achieved pounds 1.8m pre-tax profit against pounds 611,000 for the previous eight months. Final dividend is 1.85p, making 2.1p (1.4p).

John Tams Group made pounds 1.3m ( pounds 1.6m) pre-tax profit. Final dividend is 2.41p, making 4p (same).

Six months to 31 March

LPA Industries reported a fall in pre- tax profits to pounds 18,000 ( pounds 310,000). Earnings per share declined to 0.2p (2.41p). Dividend is held at 1.65p.

Tepnel Diagnostics deepened pre- tax losses from pounds 144,000 to pounds 507,000. No dividend.


Soundtracs advanced pre-tax profits to pounds 251,000 ( pounds 175,000) in the six months to 30 April. Earnings per share 1.67p (1.17p). Dividend is 0.92p.

Vega Group has lifted pre-tax profits from pounds 1.4m to pounds 1.7m in the year to 30 April. Earnings per share 7.99p (6.69p). Total dividend is 2.73p.