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Company News in Brief

Intercare made pounds 1.7m (pounds 1.4m) pre-tax in 26 weeks to 30 April. Dividend 0.7p.

Year to 31 March

Vibroplant fell to pounds 1.9m (pounds 4.5m) pre-tax. Total dividend 2.5p (3.8p).

Kelt Energy boosted net profits from pounds 203,000 to pounds 4.8m. EPS 3.3p (nil).

Amber Industrial achieved pounds 3.1m (pounds 2.55m) pre-tax profit. EPS 43.7p (34p). Total dividend is 18.5p (17p).

Cranswick lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 2.2m (pounds 1.7m). EPS 13.7p (14.6p). Total dividend is 8p (7.5p).

Faupel Trading made 825,000 (pounds 1.2m) pre-tax profit. EPS 6.42p (10.22p). Total dividend 4.9p (same).

ML Holdings's pre-tax loss was pounds 11.2m (loss pounds 4.7m).

Neepsend incurred pounds 99,000 taxable loss (profit pounds 402,000). LPS 0.32p (EPS 1.8p). Total dividend 0.75p (1.5p).

Sterling Industries pushed pre-tax profits to pounds 3.7m (pounds 3.5m). EPS 7.95p (7.45p). Total dividend held at 5.6p.

Stoddard Sekers Intl cut pre-tax profits to pounds 1.5m (pounds 3.3m). EPS 1.6p (3.8p). Total dividend is 1.5p (2.6p).

Tex Holdings reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 396,000 to pounds 94,000. LPS 1.5p.

Year to 30 April

Learmonth & Burchett made pounds 1.6m pre-tax (pounds 303,000). EPS 7p (0.7p). Total dividend is 0.75p.

Westport made pounds 8,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 1.25m). EPS 0.14p (0.6p).

Six months to 31 March

Denmans Electrical made pounds 1.1m (pounds 823,000) pre-tax profit. EPS 16.53p (12.73p). Dividend is 1.9p (1.8p).

Hunters Armley made pounds 973,000 pre-tax (pounds 716,000). Dividend is 1.25p.

Trio Holdings made pounds 2.4m pre-tax profit. EPS 1.59p. Dividend is 1p.

Willoughby's pre-tax profits fell to pounds 225,000 (pounds 1.9m). Dividend 0.5p (1p).