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Cornwall Parker, the furniture and furniture fabrics maker and supplier, eased to pounds 2.9m ( pounds 3.7m) pre-tax profit in the six months to 31 January. Dividend held at 1.7p.

Domestic and General, the composite insurer, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 3.4m ( pounds 2.7m) in the six months to 31 December. Interim dividend is 7.5p (6p).

High-Point, the property consultancy and project promotion company, climbed from pounds 64,000 taxable loss to make pounds 166,000 pre-tax profit in the six months to 30 November. No dividend (1.3p).

MR Data Management, formerly Microfilm reprographics, which handles business information on computers and microfilm, advanced to pounds 4m ( pounds 3.8m) pre-tax profit in the six months to 31 December. Dividend is 1.73p (1.44p).

British Bio-Technology, the pharmaceutical research and development group, deepened pre-tax losses to pounds 3.3m (loss pounds 2m) in the nine months to 31 January. No dividend.

Year ended 31 December

Intrum Justitia, the domestic and international debt-collection and credit information company based in Amsterdam returned pounds 15.9m ( pounds 12.6m) pre-tax profits. Final dividend is 2p, making 3p (2.4p).

Wyevale Garden saw pre-tax profits grow from pounds 2.9m to pounds 3.5m on greatly improved sales of pounds 34.5m ( pounds 22.7m). Final dividend is 1.52p, making 4p (3.72p).

Calderburn, which makes and designs office furniture, reported a marginal rise in pre-tax profit to pounds 2.83m ( pounds 2.77m). Final dividend is 4.9p, making 7.7p (same).

Doeflex, plastic sheets and granules manufacturer, achieved pounds 1.5m ( pounds 1.2m) pre-tax profit, helped by a 41 per cent rise in turnover to pounds 26.1m. Final dividend is 3p, making 4.6p (4.02p).

Readymix, maker and supplier of ready-mixed concrete, crumbled from Ir pounds 13.6m to Ir pounds 3m pre-tax profit. Final dividend is 2.35p, making 2.91p (2.76p).

RPS Group, the environmental services company, reversed pounds 493,000 taxable loss to make pounds 727,000 pre-tax profit. A 1.2p final, makes 2.2p (2p).