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Year ended 31 December

Abbott Mead Vickers, the advertising agency, lifted its total dividend by 11 per cent to 9.3p (8.4p). Taxable profits fell by 6 per cent to pounds 4.7m ( pounds 5m).

Claremont Garments rose to pounds 8.5m ( pounds 6.3m) pre-tax profit. Total dividend is 7.25p (6.5p).

Takare, the nursing homes operator, rose to pounds 11.8m ( pounds 7.6m) pre- tax profit. Total dividend is 1.8p (1.5p).

Antofagasta Holdings, the mining and finance group, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 23.5m ( pounds 19.2m). Total dividend is 20p (19p).

BPP Holdings, the educational and training group, achieved pounds 7.1m ( pounds 6.4m) pre-tax profit. Final is 5.3p, making 8p (6.9p).

Peek, which makes traffic navigation computer systems, returned higher pre-tax profits of pounds 7.1m ( pounds 6.1m). Final is 2.35p, making 3.4p (same).

Emess deepened pre-tax losses to pounds 10.6m ( pounds 8.3m). Total dividend is 0.1p (1p).

Ransomes, the engineering and property developer, reversed taxable losses of pounds 4.6m to make pounds 900,000 pre-tax profit.

Metalrax Group made pounds 7.3m ( pounds 7.2m) pre-tax profit. Final is 3p, making 4p (3.55p).

J N Nichols (Vimto) increased pre-tax profits to pounds 8.4m ( pounds 7.7m). Total dividend is 13.6p (12.3p).

Record Holdings, the toolmaker, cut pre-tax profits to pounds 1.25m ( pounds 3.35m). Total is held at 3.6p.

United Uniform Services lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 3.65m ( pounds 3.4m). Total dividend is 3p (same).

Watmoughs, the industrial holding company, rose 50 per cent to pounds 12.2m ( pounds 8.1m) pre-tax profit. Final is 8.8p, making 11.5p (10.5p).

Whitegate Leisure turned around a pounds 1.5m taxable loss to make pounds 682,000 pre-tax profit.

Six months to 31 December

Unigroup, building materials distributor, advanced to pounds 446,000 ( pounds 304,000) pre-tax profit.

Ramus Holdings incurred pounds 1.8m pre-tax loss (profit pounds 142,000).


Wiltshire Brewery Company reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 1.4m to pounds 979,000 in year to 30 September.