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Year ended 31 December

Aspen Communications, the media, printing and marketing services group, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 1.8m ( pounds 1.7m) aided by an 8.5 per cent rise in turnover to pounds 60.3m ( pounds 55.6m). Earnings per share grew to 8.6p (8p). Total dividend maintained at 4.9p.

Computer People Group, which provides consultancy services to computer users, announced a sharp fall in pre-tax profits to pounds 145,000 ( pounds 1m). Loss per share is 0.97p (earnings 5.48p). Total dividend is 0.65p (5.4p).

Needler Group, the aggregates producer based in Ontario, Canada, fell to Cdollars 1.04m (Cdollars 1.74m) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share rose to 3.5 cents (3.4 cents). Total dividend is halved to 3.5 cents (7 cents).


MY Holdings, the packaging manufacturer, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 911,000 ( pounds 758,000) in the six months to 28 February, helped by a sharp reduction in the interest charge to pounds 72,000 ( pounds 305,000). Earnings per share edged ahead to 1.48p (1.47p). Interim dividend is held at 0.25p.

Tribune Newspapers reduced pre- tax losses from Ir pounds 739,000 to (Ir pounds 328,000) in the six months to 31 January. Loss per share is 21.84p (28.4p). No dividend.