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Crossroads Oil incurred pounds 1.5m taxable loss for the 15 months to 30 June against pounds 297,000 profit for the previous 12 months to 30 March. LPS 3.54p (EPS 0.8p). No dividend.

Gaelic Resources, the oil and gas group, reduced taxable losses from Ir pounds 3.05m to Ir pounds 537,000 for the year to 31 December. LPS Ir0.39p (Ir2.44p). No dividend.

Moran Holdings, the property and freight group, reduced taxable losses from pounds 2.1m to pounds 274,000 in the year to 30 June. LPS 16.6p (46.3p).

Jarvis Porter Group, the labels printer and packaging maker, achieved pounds 3.4m ( pounds 1.8m) pre-tax profits in the six months to 31 August. Turnover pounds 28m ( pounds 16.4m). EPS 7.2p (5.1p). Dividend is 1.65p (1.5p).

Six months to 30 September

Property Partnerships slipped to pounds 994,000 ( pounds 1m) pre-tax profit. EPS 6.5p (6.31p). Dividend is 2.6p (2.55p).

Volex Group, the cables and connectors maker, advanced pre-tax profits to pounds 4.8m ( pounds 3.8m). EPS 10.5p (11.2p). Dividend is 6.5p (6.23p).

Young & Co's Brewery lifted pre- tax profits to pounds 2.6m ( pounds 2.45m). EPS 12.52p (12.27p). Dividend is 7.25p.

Portsmouth & Sunderland Newspapers, printer and publisher, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 3.75m ( pounds 3.4m). Publishing revenue rose by 2 per cent to pounds 25m. EPS 20.2p (20.6p). Dividend is 3.12p (2.84p). The company warned that the imposition of VAT on newspapers would have a very damaging impact on regional publishing.

Suffolk Water made pounds 2.7m ( pounds 2m) pre-tax profit. EPS 56p (43p). Dividend is 23.3p (23.7p).